Cutting edge businesses need cutting edge facilities…

In today’s modern, cutting edge business world, a company’s business premises, and their facility installations, say everything about the company itself; especially if that business operates in what we refer to as the “hi-tech” business sector. The electrics and the lighting speak volumes, so maintaining the integrity of existing installations, and upgrading when new products and technologies become available, is key.

Here at Foremost Facility Maintenance we provide the wherewithal to do just that. Whether you are building a new business premises on a new green-field/brown-field site, or you are giving your operation a face-lift, Foremost Facility Maintenance are the facility supply chain management company for you.

  • LED & Fluorescent Solutions
  • Energy Saving Plans
  • Relamp & Retrofit Packages
  • Advanced Lighting Controls Installation
  • Proactive Light Maintenance
  • Custom Lighting & Electrical Plans

Benchmark with Foremost

If you want to take advantage of the latest LED technology lighting, at the same times as maintaining your existing lighting infrastructure, Foremost Facility Maintenance can carry out a survey and provide you with a proposal that will show you what you can expect in terms of a return on your investment, so you know exactly what you can hope to achieve. With our industry expertise and experience, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for your consideration that you can use as your benchmark.

Design a Proactive, Preventative Maintenance Plan

Many of our customers ask us to design, implement and maintain a proactive maintenance plan for them. This can include:

Developing a bespoke, programmed maintenance plan, that is unique to each individual business. This can be tailored on an individual company basis and can be geared to run on a monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis. A properly formulated maintenance plan will help to lower business running costs, and minimize lighting outages.

Fully Reactive On-Site Trouble-Shooting and Repair Service

Customers of Foremost Facility Maintenance can rely on our in-depth knowledge and experience of the electrical and lighting facilities industry, to diagnose and resolve on-site issues and problems in the shortest possible time and at a cost effective rate.

Our clients feel safe in the knowledge that in Foremost Facility Maintenance, they are dealing with one of the country’s foremost electrical facilities specialists.

With our comprehensive nationwide supply chain, we can support any size and number of operations within any given network.

Lighting Upgrade Programs – Retrofit and/or Relamp

Lighting begins with facilitating ease of work, and culminates in image changing cosmetics. Foremost Facility Maintenance can help you build a lighting system fit for the 22nd century, utilizing both LED and fluorescent technologies.

We can design and implement programs that can run in tandem with your existing lighting infrastructure, or be independent of them, for both interior and exterior lighting.

Foremost Facility Maintenance will also help you to realize energy savings by proposing the use of state-of-the-art sensors and controls.

Caring For Your Corporate Kudos

Maximize your company image and your company brand by making sure that your electrical lighting and facilities infrastructure says what you want it to say about the quality and integrity of your business. With Foremost Facility Maintenance as you electrical lighting and facilities partner, your corporate kudos will be in safe hands.