In the corporate world, image is everything, and this goes for all aspects of a business’s operation, including its parking lots.

A business can have the smartest premises, but if when visitors arrive, the first thing they are greeted with is a shabby, poorly maintained parking lot, it will create a poor first impression – and first impressions count.

  • Detailed Parking Lot Analysis
  • Repair & Repaving Plans
  • Preventative Maintenance Packages
  • Seal Coating & Pot-Hole Repair
  • Sweeping & Striping Maintenance
  • Custom Asphalt/Concrete Services

Environmental Impact

A poorly maintained parking lot deteriorates alarmingly quickly. Unwanted signs of wear and tear will quickly proliferate – cracks will appear and will widen if unrepaired; potholes will form, and loose debris will accumulate, which apart from messy can also lead to punctured tires, and chipped vehicle paintwork.

Operational Wear and Tear

Depending where premises are located geographically in the country, parking lots face a variety of different challenges to the integrity of their structures. The effects of ice, rain, major storms, sinkholes, strong sunlight, and wind abrasion all take their toll. Then there is the damage caused by oil, salt, snowplows, tire chains, etc.

Parking Lot Management Services Foremost Specializes In

Parking lot management is a specialist area – one that needs a specialist service care provider to ensure all aspects of maintenance are correctly discharged. This includes:

  • Carrying out a thorough initial survey
  • Carrying out regular, periodic surveys
  • Performing preventative maintenance to forestall problems
  • Regular sweeping and tidying
  • Line painting
  • Repairing potholes
  • Repaving
  • Resurfacing
  • Surface coating
  • Creating and managing a parking lot maintenance budget

Effective parking lot management and maintenance is all about planning, which is something that we here at Foremost Facility Maintenance know all about. The first thing we will do when you partner with us to look after your parking lot(s) is to conduct a thorough, comprehensive survey. From this, we can determine your parking lot’s state of health and repair, and design a detailed, ongoing maintenance program, complete with budget.

Let Foremost Help You Safeguard Your Investment

Looking after your parking lot not only compliments your corporate image, it’s an investment in health and safety, and improves property value.

Partner with the best parking lot management specialist – partner with Foremost Facility Maintenance.